Dream has always been a fascinating subject to me. It has helped people, like scientist August Kekulé who came up with the structure for benzene, gain inspirations, or uncover underlying emotions. Thus, while brainstorming for a project during my enrollment at CodePath University, my teammates and I want to find ways to capture and analyze people’s dream, and help them identify patterns in their dreams that correspond to their real life.

We started by looking into different existing apps in the market. A model majority of them tend to follow is to help users recall their dreams with series of questionnaire. This type of model is good for capturing and categorizing data, but it gives a very disruptive experience because there is no way to skip the questions. Another interesting model we saw was designed like a chat application, where the users described the details of their dreams in text. This somewhat lies closer to what we envision, as it allows users to input anything from a single word to a paragraph.

Based on what we learned, we wanted to find a way to allow users to write in any form. To do so, we borrowed the compose interface from Facebook. We also thought about what would be the best way to retain the atmosphere that users experienced during the dream. Should we allow them to search for an image on Google that represent what they dreamed? Or should we let them draw it out?

In the end, we decide to take the Instagram approach, providing various types of abstract filters that users can choose to apply. The reason is that is it often very difficult to find the perfect image to describe the mood of a dream. Thus, something atmospheric will be better to be apply to different scenarios and open to interpretation.

We were only given 2 weeks, from brainstorming ideas, designing, to finishing a working prototype using Swift. As a result, we scaled down our design a lot more. And here’s an overview of the final design.

As this project is continuously being developed, we hope to implement features to allow user to write using various types of media.

Dreamcatcher is a collaboration project produced by me, Sara Lin from Dropbox, and Francisco from Instacart.

Role User experience, visual design, programming   Tool Sketch, XCode, Trello

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