Ford's EcoBoost challenge is a campaign that raises awareness of capabilities of Ford's vehicles and its EcoBoost engine. They wanted to partner with Yahoo to run a simple interactive pre-roll unit that features multiple vehicles and drives traffic to its site. The challenge for this request is that it is difficult to fit in the amount of information they want while being able to keep the format simple. Moreover, the pre-roll video also contains a lot of information that cannot be covered up.

To resolve this issue, I designed the initial state of the unit to be a very simple call-to-action, that resides beside the text in the video. The reason is that such design can be seen as an integrated part of the pre-roll video so it is not overall distracting to the audience. Also it takes up less space and reduces the amount of information that needs to be displayed in the unit.

In order to fit in the multiple vehicles that need to be displayed within the unit, I designed an enlarged slate that can be invoked by rolling over the initial call-to-action state. The slates contains the key message of the campaign, and a carousel that displays the vehicles in rotation. Meanwhile, the call-to-action is always present to give user access to Ford's site, which helps increase its site traffic. The slate is designed to show up on the right side so it does not cover up the content in the video. If the cursor hovers out of the slate, the slate will again shrink back to the call-to-action to give more estate to the video.

Ford was very satisfied with the design approach. As a result, they ran several subsequent campaigns utilizing the same design.

Role Interaction design, visual design   Tool Photoshop