Rich Media Vault

Rich Media Vault is an online library that showcases all the ad campaigns BrightRoll has run previously. It not only serves as a reference for Sales to demonstrate BrightRoll's product offering more easily, but also helps Sales and Project Coordinators to look at any special features that have been done in the past. Currently the library is for internal use, but the plan is to scale the website as an external customer facing resource.

I am one of the project owners and the designer of this project. I started by collecting the most essential data needed by the Sales for each campaign. Based on the stats, I chose a tile layout that can be scaled for different amount of data more easily while providing a preview of the unit. The wireframe and specs were created using Illustrator. Then I recruited 4 engineers to help me build out the very first MVP of the website in 4 days. The MVP was tested by Sales and Campaign Production Managers and approved for further development as an official internal tool due to positive result.

After BrightRoll was acquired by Yahoo, I collaborated with another designer and revised the design so it can utilize the Tumblr template as its base. The design and goal of the project was simplified to accomodate wide ranges of product offerings at Yahoo. And the website is now officially live.

Role User experience design, visual design   Tool Illustrator


Clicking on the text underneath the search bar will open up the filter section. Users can select multiple filters. After clicking on each filter, the result will be refreshed.

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